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Just to kick the cat around,
Hardware would consume more monies in setup and maintenance than is
practical in my belief. But to proceed any way each node in chain to get max
thruput would require two radios with distance setting (cos over 3k) since
in bulk for your 134 +spares say round that out to 150 @ $100 then antennas
say 2 15 db panel to maintain high rates at best 11mb/s over distance 150 @
$100 (guess). Mounting hardware even cheap @ $50 min given structure to hang
it off. Now where are we up to 1500 + 1000 + 500 = $3000
Then if this is to have any chance maintaining a level of service say max
downtime of 4 hrs tech time is $exxxxxy, cos I would not get outta bed for
cheap on a cold wet night with this many nodes even at 99% uptime each and
max 1 hr downtime, say probs every 2wks for 1 hr with no backup that would
be 67 hrs down time per week OUCH etc. I'm getting tied of this. Some one
draw up a spread sheet and we could develop and do what if with our guesses.
prices good at time of quoting and will be honoured until I next wake up,
good nite, um good morning.
hope that helps George (cos I'm not Dutch)
Regards from the BBQ Co-Ord
PS should I do a spread sheet for the price of sausages?

On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 9:56 PM, Sjors Provoost <sjors at sprovoost.nl> wrote:

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> Sjors Provoost wrote:
>> Distance between Melbourne and Canberra, via M31: 672 km
>> Average distance between nodes: 10 km (more?)
>> Number of nodes: 67
>>  if all done with 802.11 gear I doubt there would be much through put from
> one end to the other.  This is why
> telco's have multi gigabit optic fibre between nodes.
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