[MLB-WIRELESS] Aux antenna port termination

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Ahh , I'd say no in my testing , not to mention by taking a soldering
Near your card you have just voided the warranty and probably done more
damage than 
Good to It's perfomance by way of a mismatch to the transmission

If you did want to try this you should have used a pigtail then a proper
2.4gig rated 
50ohm terminator and done comparitive tests.

Leave if for now and see how it goes , but I don't thnk this is

What's other people's thoughts that know mini-pci cards ?



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Hi guys thought i would get your opinion on this, i have just received
2x DCMA-82 Wistron 400mw mini pci cards, and they have 2 antenna ports
main and aux.

I read somewhere in a pre release technical specifications pdf that if
the aux port was unused it had to be terminated with a 50 ohm resistor.
None of the current specification sheets mention this, and there has
been some confusion between people on some forums that i have been
reading on weather this is really necessary or not?

I have already made the modification on one of the chips, by ripping off
the smd mmcx port and soldering a 50 ohm resistor across the terminals
and it is being detected fine, but am unsure if i should bother on the

I was also curious if anyone else has done this to any other Wistron
cards such as the cm9 or any other card for that matter?

Tom Phillips
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