[MLB-WIRELESS] I need help in the interface file for my Voyage WRAP board

Randall Lasini lasinir at aardvark.net.au
Thu Jul 10 19:27:11 EST 2008


I am node JTX and finally getting some time off from work for the next 4 
weeks so will be putting up the mast next week.  Yah!  However I am 
having problem with configuring my interfaces file for my WRAP board.

If you check my network diagram from my page: 
http://melbournewireless.org.au/wiki/?NodeJTX, you will see what I want 
to do. (if I get a line of sight for the directional that obviously 
changes the requirements).

I need to get my rig set up so I can bridge/route from/over either 
interface as well as connect to the fixed IP on the other end of the 
ethernet port.

I have Voyage 0.5 installed and running, and while I can follow the 
MadWifi steps to get both the interfaces up and running, I am confused 
by who to get the bridge/routing working properly.

The help page on the website on how to setup "Voyagelinux->network 
connections" is a bit brief and no help at all for a 2 wireless nic 

Please please help.   and if I am really lucky with the roof mounting I 
might even have a line of sight (hoping, but doubtful).


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