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$10 says they have inbuilt gigabit Ethernet by the end of the year.

Anyone using one of these? What happens when the drives get corrupted?
Eg can the sync fall out of sync and you use the lot?



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> Hi people,
> not really wireless but you guys are full of information.....
> I need to know if there is a External Raid case that used IDE/Sata
> drives and is connected to the computer by USB?
> These things exist????
> Thanks
> Mark

Take a look at Drobo (http://www.drobo.com/) there a fantastic usb  
raid device that holds upto 4 sata drives, but unlike normal raid  
technologies (1,0,5,1+0 etc) the device is smart, and allows you to  
install a drive of any size in any of the available slots, while still  
always keeping a mirror. the drives are hot swappable, and the device  
also comes with an application for windows/mac osx that reports the  
current status of your drives, disk usage current mirror building  
states etc.

for more info on it here is a youtube video

hope this helps
Tom Phillips
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