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Oops accidentally just replied, not replied to all:
"From what I read, didn't the company end up screwing over all the adopters
of this? Don't they lock down all the units now, charge regardless of usage,


I won't be buying from them."

On 7/7/08, hannah commodore <hannah at tinfoilhat.net> wrote:
>  Thomas Phillips wrote:
> Not sure if any one else has come upon these, but they look pretty good.
> http://meraki.com/oursolution/hardware/outdoor/spec/
> there little self contained outdoor wifi mesh nodes 200mw output  power,
> and the manufacturer claims up to 8km with a suitable external  omni
> antenna.
> the little 2db omni that is included is rated to a max of 350m outdoors.
> There are 2 models which both appear to be the same hardware, but have
> different software included. they sell for $99 US and $199 US, and  this
> includes everything you need to get going ( poe injector etc)
> Worth a Look
> the problem is meraki is built on top of really idealistic opensource
> models, but have recently become corporate asshats. questionably legally.
> they changed their EULA a while back to add:
> *3.5 Restrictions on Use.* Meraki Hardware may only be used with Meraki
> Software. Customer agrees not to (i) disassemble or attempt to reverse
> engineer the Meraki Hardware, (ii) remove or erase the Meraki Software from
> the Meraki Hardware, or otherwise try to disable or alter the Meraki
> Software functionality; or (iii) load any other software onto the Meraki
> Hardware.
> since it's built on top of openwrt, this may be in violation of the gpl or
> the fair use clauses in many countries.
> why not check these ones out instead? they use a really rad portal system,
> which you can chose not to use, and have similar specs in hardware:
> http://www.open-mesh.com/
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