[MLB-WIRELESS] Operating System for Alix, and Usb webcam

Thomas Phillips Thomas at phillips.net.au
Sat Jul 5 14:17:15 EST 2008

Hi All

I am currently setting up a node, based on a PC Engines/Yawarra Alix  
Board and am currently trying to work out what the best operating  
system to run on it is.

I have been looking at pf sense and mono wall, which are both free BSD  
based, which is good because it is stable but i am thinking i may run  
into problems because i also want to connect a usb webcam up there to  
take photos of the bay, and most of the webcam apps i have seen are  
all for linux.

if anyone can shed any light on this or has prior experience with  
these boards your input would be great

Tom Phillips

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