[MLB-WIRELESS] setting up a wireless network

Eddie Hadzig cppo at hcac.com.au
Fri Apr 4 23:06:42 EST 2008


Ive been reading about your set up in Melbourne and regional vic, very impressive.
I am in regional Vic, Horsham, we have some state gov. funding to run a community broadband feasability study, involving the broadcast of wirelsee broadband to 13 households with low income using wireless Access Points and naked ADSL.

We are keen to continue and expand this after the trial but need to research how this will happen. We are currently not charging households for the broadband, in line with the telecommunications act (not reselling it for a profit) but I see on your site that you believe its not illegal to charge but not for profit? This is what we are really interested in as we work in a low socio economic community. Can you tell me where I can find any information that confirms that selling / sharing not for profit is allowed? Any help would be great, its really hard to find any related information on the internet.

Would really like more info on your set up as well,

all the best,

Eddie Hadzig
Community Participation & Partnerships Officer
Horsham Rural City Council
Horsham Community Action Centre
11 Kalkee Rd.
Ph: 5381 2077
Mob: 0428 397 244

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