[MLB-WIRELESS] Meraki stuff yet again :)

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Pretty-much yes, that's what it means. The AP51 EasyFlash app is basically a
front-end for RedBoot.  It works on Meraki's via Ethernet straight out of
the box - no need to open the Meraki's case or use serial cables.  Foneras
do not support Ethernet access to RedBoot out of the box - you need to
attach a serial cable to change this.
One thing I have not tested is if it works on a Meraki which still has the
original vendor firmware installed - but I see no reason why it shouldn't.
I only have one Meraki to play with at the moment, and it has been flashed
with OpenWRT many times over.  I even flashed it with the Freifunk/Fonera
firmware and it behaved like a Fonera router (complete with FON captive
portal) with Freifunk OLSR running in the background.  It runs in
simultaneous Adhoc( for mesh)/Public AP/Private AP mode quite well.
The only thing we are missing now is an OpenWRT/Atheros-based firmware
suited to our needs.  The OpenWRT Kamikaze snapshots currently available
have no web interface at all.  The closest thing I can see that currently
works is the Freifunk/Fonera firmware - you can run it in "Ego" mode which
disables all the FON network stuff and makes it act like a regular Freifunk
Firmware (with a FON admin interface).  That might be a starting point for
us at the moment.


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if i understand this correctly,
this means that merakis and foneras are now able to be used off the shelf
with operwrt ?
by off-the-shelf i mean with the same difficulty it takes to flash one of
the linksys models?
i've been following your postings but i'm not that pro with the programming
stuffs, if this is true this is GREAT news, gw.

On 5/30/07, Dan Flett <conhoolio at hotmail.com> wrote: 

Okey dokey - I'm pleased to announce that my Expect script is now redundant.
Sven-Ola Tuecke of Berlin Freifunk has modified the Fonera EasyFlash utility

to support the Meraki.

Get it here:

Under Windows you need to install WinPcap:

It's cool because it has an internal TFTP server and with WinPcap it
configures the selected network interface transparently.  It's also a much
smaller download, and a nice shiny GUI. 

To use it, plug in your Meraki to your PC's Ethernet jack.  Run the
EasyFlash util, select the correct Ethernet interface, select your rootfs
file (*root.squashfs or *root.jffs2-64k), and your Kernel file 
(*vmlinux.gz).  Click on "Go" and plug in the power to your Meraki.  Then
just sit back and wait for about 8 minutes while the files are flashed.



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