[MLB-WIRELESS] 8dbi omnis from Yawarra for $40/ea!!

Phil k hakzor_x1 at hotmail.com
Tue May 29 22:45:19 EST 2007

You will need to buy a pigtail, for ultraWAP i think you will need a n-male to rp-sma (not sure if male of female in your case).

Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 21:04:51 +1000From: michaeldickens at gmail.comTo: paul.mcgowan at yawarra.com.auCC: melbwireless at wireless.org.auSubject: Re: [MLB-WIRELESS] 8dbi omnis from Yawarra for $40/ea!!Do these come with a lead of any length? I'd want to hook mine up to an UltraWAP, what else do i need to buy to make this possible?Also, can someone explain how this is $40 whilst I got a magbase 7 dBi for like $20-$25 a while back? Cheers!
On 5/29/07, Paul McGowan - Yawarra <paul.mcgowan at yawarra.com.au> wrote: 
Hi Michael,Yes, we're happy to sell these to MW members (even if they're not onour list).  I mentioned that we had offered them to our mailing listonly in the context of explaining why they don't appear on our website at that price.If you would like to order some, please place an order on our websitefor the 8dBi omni in the "wireless" section of the catalogue, thenput a comment in the comments field that says "$40 antenna offer, please".  It is currently listed as "waiting on stock" and $85 each,but if you put the note in the comments section of the checkout page,we will charge $40 each, and we have plenty of them.  :-) We're getting a lot of interest in these antennas so I will copy thismessage to the MW list to let everyone else know how to order them.Please note also that as these antennas are already heavilydiscounted, we are not able to offer any further discounts (such asthe MW 10%).Best regards,Paul McGowan> Hi,>> I would be interested in one or two of these.>> Regards >> Michael Nardella>>-----------------------------Yawarra Information Appliances Pty Ltdhttp://www.yawarra.com.au/Tel: 1300 859 799 / (03) 9800 2261 Fax: (03) 9800 2279PO Box 606, Boronia VIC 3155_______________________________________________Melbwireless mailing listMelbwireless at wireless.org.au http://wireless.org.au/mailman/listinfo/melbwireless
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