[MLB-WIRELESS] Short lend of AP / Antenna?

Mike Dickens michaeldickens at gmail.com
Thu May 24 18:16:01 EST 2007

Hey guys,
I'm kind've new to this, now pretty close to establishing a short (250
metre) link to a friend. I only have one AP (UltraWAP / Edimax) at the
moment, and we get a relatively stable connection (5.5 mbps, ~90% of pings
going through typically at < 10 ms) using a USB dongle held up in the air
with a saucepan behind it (seems to produce a slight boost, and at the very
least it filters out noise).

Anyway, before we commit to our second AP purchase, we'd love to test with a
second AP (preferably something running dd-wrt or another UltraWAP /
Edimax). If anyones willing to lend us one for a few days, I'd be EXTREMELY

We're down on the Mornington Peninsula, and I can pick up gear from anywhere
nearby (bonus if you live near a trainstation)

Also, if anyone is willing to lend me a high gain antenna to see if it'll
help us at all (and also to scout around for other links, the area is pretty
dry node-wise but there's a couple across town I could have some luck with).

Oh, and finally - if anyone has any "free to good home" antennas they're
happy to part with, I'd really appreciate it (I'm not sure if this ever
actually happens, but at the moment I only have pretty standard omnis.. like
I said, new to this ;)).

Anyway, thanks in advance. I'm not sure on the ettiquette of all this, so
replies are appreciated! And also, thank you for all the great info on your
website/ in the mailing list, and from your members, you've really helped me
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