[MLB-WIRELESS] Meraki Minis

Dan Flett conhoolio at hotmail.com
Wed May 23 21:29:26 EST 2007

Hi Guys,

I've written an Expect script (on Windows XP) that automates the process of
Telnetting into a Meraki's RedBoot bootloader and flashing a new firmware.
It makes reflashing a Meraki with OpenWRT a totally automatic process.

For the details, check out:

This makes me feel a lot better about organising a Meraki bulk buy.
Unfortunately, the Outdoor units have sold out and the Meraki website won't
let you order any.  But most people who want a Meraki probably want the
Indoor Mini anyway.

The postage to Australia from Meraki seems a lot cheaper now than when I
last checked it - it seems about half price.  Not sure if this applies to
the Outdoor unit - I can't check it.  After playing with the order form for
a while, and a little spreadsheeting, I've worked out the price per unit in
$AU at the current exchange rate (AU$1 = US$0.82).  Here's the lookup table:

$107.82	1
$88.69	2
$82.48	3
$79.42	4
$77.56	5
$76.28	6
$75.46	7
$74.76	8
$74.22	9
$73.77	10
$73.34	11
$73.04	12
$72.71	13
$72.45	14
$72.23	15
$72.01	16

We hit the "sweet spot" for postage at roughly above 5 units.  Any more than
16 units and we'd then have to pay Customs duties and GST.

Can people register their interest with me (off list) if they want a Meraki
Mini?  I'll see if I can organise a bulk buy if we get enough numbers.
Orders from interstate are welcome.



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