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Rohan Malhotra rohanmalhotra86 at gmail.com
Wed May 16 09:30:15 EST 2007

well if i got my joint going, u could go through me in north carlton to get
to the city

On 5/16/07, Tony Langdon, VK3JED <vk3jed at optushome.com.au> wrote:
> Just got a couple of queries.  Was chatting to Peter at the hamfest,
> and now that one of my major problems has been solved (a cost
> effective enclosure), I'm interested in resuming my wireless
> projects.  My ultimate goal is to be able to connect both of the
> sites I control via VPN (Laverton and Preston), and be able to
> synchronise important files (music collection, open source downloads)
> during the night.  Open source downloads would also be made available
> over the MW network, of course.
> Might also offer access to my telnet/web BBS as well to MW users
> (sorry, no BBS door games at this stage, I would have to move the
> system to a DOS/Windows based server at one of my sites to enable that).
> I'm looking for places where I can link both sites into the MW
> network.  Laverton looks like it will eventually be serviced by the
> Point Cook wireless group.  I have to get down to the radio club and
> talk them into installing an AP at the top of their 50' tower (give
> the RAAF's trainee riggers some real practice :) ), which should
> enable me to link up with the Pt Cook guys (and from there to GHO).
> I haven't researched the Preston end yet, but the best direction to
> come in from is the SW (it may even be possible to link directly to
> the city on a point to point link).  Another possibility is from the
> east (which also means a shorter Cat 5 run).  Preston is worth
> considering a WRAP board with a point to point uplink antenna and an
> omni for local coverage, due to its height.
> 73 de VK3JED
> http://vkradio.com
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