[MLB-WIRELESS] finally a triumph on the northern front !

David Ashburner d_ashburner at hotmail.com
Wed May 2 12:20:37 EST 2007

> instantly the difference was observed even though we hadn't calculated 
> the correct angle to place the canopy on the sattelite dish (we rather 
> just adhoced it). practically immedietly the thing registered.
The antenna part of the canopy should be at the focal point of the dish 
- that is just in front of the LNB mount ring.
The trick with that dish (offset feed) is that you should try to 
boresight it - if you stand in front of it a few meters away and hold 
out something round you have an assistant tilt the dish till it looks 
round.  Then you will have it tilted at the optimum angle.  Now the 
trick is to tilt it back the right amount so it points at the remote 
antenna not at you!  ( um, probably easier to measure the signal and 
tweak it until you have the strongest signal )

Normally these dishes are pointing high in the sky, so the angel of 
incident radiation is a lot "higher" then you would thing just looking 
at the dish.

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