[MLB-WIRELESS] finally a triumph on the northern front !

Rohan Malhotra rohanmalhotra86 at gmail.com
Tue May 1 16:14:54 EST 2007

hello there,

last sunday the 29th we finally accomplished what we've been trying to do
for the last few months, we got a connection to HVC from JSG in North

we'd been trying with all sorts of things prior to; improperly terminated
lengthy rg213 + cantennas, omnis and parabolics neither of which amounted to
anything. finally we got our hands on a canopy from tim hogard - which i
must admit didn't immedietly work presumably because of noise- + a satellite
dish from Dave Ashburner and there a working solution was born.

instantly the difference was observed even though we hadn't calculated the
correct angle to place the canopy on the sattelite dish (we rather just
adhoced it). practically immedietly the thing registered.

anyways now the next step is to confirm the configuration of the thing and
get a permanent setup hhappening.

from memory i recall tim telling me: rssi needs to be above 700 and the
jitter below 15, is this correct? (i was getting rssi easily above 800 and
jitter at 1-2).

and then next up i have to allocate myself an IP between and

thats what i;ve sussed out so far. if it is properly configured what should
i expect to happen? can i google? which addresses should i ping to confirm
servers and vital services and all that.

i imagine the melbwireless site should come up or something or maybe tims
abnormal site i dont know but i'm keen to find out!!!

ps. i just now applied to get my own ip allocation (however that fits into
the scheme of things)

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