[MLB-WIRELESS] Compile problems

Steven Haigh netwiz at crc.id.au
Thu Jun 28 15:35:21 EST 2007

Quoting Michael Van Den Acker <mike.vda at rmit.edu.au>:
>>> why not just use the hostap drivers that have been in the standard
> kernel
>>> source for years?
>> Cause FC3 doesn't appear to have it in the stock kernel, and I can't
> get FC6
>> to install on this hardware... old BX mobo with a piii550....Otherwise
> I'm
>> sure it'd be just great.. :/
> Try FC7 it is supposed be be much better on older hardware.

Or even try CentOS... It's a lot more stable, has a MUCH longer  
lifecycle, and runs on a lot of hardware... It's RHEL, but free ;)

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