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Red_Wolf_2 glp71s at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 16:09:22 EST 2007

I took the two modules off the transcom board and used them both
separately, in the case of the GPRS module, i put in a vodafone sim
and poked wires in the little on-board socket, which i then ran
through a MAX232 to a pc... worked just like a modem, and I even got
it to receive SMS messages :D
The gps module is much the same, it also runs at TTL voltages (means a
MAX232 for it too). I wired it up as a standard gps unit with some
parts from an old laptop to desktop hard drive converter.

I never experimented with the GPRS functions of the modem, due to the
cost of trying to get it to work (cost of data through GPRS), if
anyone would like to try it out, I'm happy to tell you what pins need
to be connected to what to get data in and out of the device...

I guess it would be possible to interface both modules to a different
microcontroller, such as one of the PIC or ARM line, but I don't know
enough about programming those to do it. Any takers out there? :P
It would be nice to make a little unit that could receive an SMS, and
respond to it with its current GPS location, or maybe (for the more
adventurous) establish a GPRS session and upload trip data to a server

On 6/26/07, Rowan 2006 <rowan2006 at sensation.net.au> wrote:
> Did anyone ever do anything useful with these units? Mine is still sitting
> in pieces, awaiting a SIM card and some way to program it!
> Cheers.
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