[MLB-WIRELESS] Buffalo Injunction

Tim Hogard thogard at knotty.abnormal.com
Mon Jun 25 13:37:27 EST 2007

> A federal court in Texas has granted the CSIRO's application
> <http://slattery.slatteryit.com.au/rp/118/process.clsp?t=3D65DnM2ue82ohb>=
> for an injunction to prevent an infringement of its wireless network
> patent by US based Buffalo-group companies. The ruling prevents the
> sales of all products until a license to CSIRO technology is negotiated.
> The case started in 2005 after the industry failed to accept CSIRO's
> offers to license its WLAN patents.
> =20
> Interesting - I wonder how come Buffalo aren't prepared to license the
> patents? It's my understanding CSIRO are fairly reasonable in their
> commercialisation arrangements.

Maybe its because CSIRO is a gov't group and in the US, gov't gropus can't
own IP.  If they had this issue with A US group like NASA, there would be
no fees payable.

The idea that a gov't can even have a copyright is somewhat of a new
idea... after all have you ever seen copyrighted money?


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