[MLB-WIRELESS] WiMAX to go Australia wide?

Dean Collins Dean at cognation.net
Tue Jun 19 12:17:08 EST 2007

Don't think of it as your tax dollars supporting Optus think of it as
your tax dollars investing in Australia's future by giving rural
Australian's a decent chance to access the resource of the internet.

Take a look at countries like south korea and the massive amounts they
invested into broadband a few years back and how it is now paying
dividends for their education, business and general way of life.

Yes it may suck if you are setting up in direct competition but think of
it this way...at least their may be a healthy Australian economy for you
to fall back on when retire :)



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> > One thing that it seems that allot have people have missed .
> > The government are claiming that everyone will get broadband with
> > Issue, its running at 5.8 ghz
> > So I hope that no one has any tress in there gardens.
> > They are also claiming 20 plus km from the base station , I am also
> > forward to see how often there going to do that.
> > In short something tells me that is not the fix they may think it
maybe, I
> > guess we will soon see.
> >
> Does anyone have any authoritative links on what they are going to do?
> Nothing like my tax money going to help an overseas company compete
with me...
> Of course if they picked 5.8 GHz wimax, good luck with that.
> For those that don't know.... HVC has 4 5.8 GHz pre-WiMAX transmitters
> at max legal power and the best we are getting is about 7km.
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