[MLB-WIRELESS] WiMAX to go Australia wide?

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Tue Jun 19 10:33:39 EST 2007

theres alot of these storys,

I live in frankston south in a 9 year old estate, im about 2.5km away from 
the frankston exchange, but for some reason im connected to the mt eliza one 
which is about 7km away, = no adsl or cable :(


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>Subject: Re: [MLB-WIRELESS] WiMAX to go Australia wide?
>Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 10:13:39 +1000
>I think Fibre or DSL to the home, or node, would be absolutely awesome, but
>for many people I just don't really see it happening, I really hope it 
>If I think of my friends who live in regional Victoria:
>A lives in a semi-rural street 6kms from the town centre (the town has 2000
>people) and they are on a pair-gain and can't get DSL.  The best they can
>get is 28k modem speed.  Telstra have replied to them that there is no plan
>to ever put DSL on there due to the low density vs. excessive cost.  There
>are about 12 homes along that street.
>B lives in a street with 4 homes on acre blocks, about 4kms from town 
>6000 people), its an old part of town, and again Telstra says the density 
>cost is far too great to put DSL in.  They can get modem speeds no greater
>than 18kps, and they have tried all the molds testing etc.  The lines are
>old.  Telstra says they can get Satellite, but its expensive and too laggy
>for VOIP.
>In these couple of examples, I can only imagine a WiMAX modem running at
>6Mb/s (or even 1Mb/s!) would be an unbelievable improvement.  And if it 
>at 12Mb/s and is available within 2 years....
>On 6/19/07, Tony Langdon, VK3JED <vk3jed at optushome.com.au> wrote:
>>At 01:37 AM 6/19/2007, Dean Collins wrote:
>> >As it's still early in the announcement I think it's a moot point to
>> >complain what they are/are not rolling out.
>> >
>> >Anything that is able to increase to connectivity for remote/rural
>> >people above dial up is a good thing.
>> >
>> >My point was people seem to be making a lot of assumptions already about
>> >this announcement without a lot of factual data (both gov/corp and
>> >public)
>>This is true, but I'll join the ranks of the skeptics unless someone
>>can prove otherwise.  Radio has limited bandwidth, and WiMax, like
>>GSM, UMTS, HSDPA and other cellular technologies requires a lot of
>>serious backhaul bandwidth, especially when you want to service
>>thousands of users.
>>I'd be happy to be proven wrong, but I am rather skeptical.
>>73 de VK3JED
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