[MLB-WIRELESS] Help with Lucent WaveLan card and Linux (or DOS) for a specific purpose?

samiam at air-stream.org samiam at air-stream.org
Sat Jun 16 09:37:47 EST 2007

You could try http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/ or ubuntu or debian and get a
framebuffer going for displaying your video rather than trying to install

but its a pretty tall order for someone who hasnt played with linux
before, but the only way to learn is to dive in.

but what a kewl project! respect, to a novel use for old hardware.

> So the picture it displays (of my home city Cologne in Germany) is
almost real-time.

but lucent drivers do exist, the are in the kernel as orinocco_cs afaik

try this as a starter URL


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