[MLB-WIRELESS] Help with Lucent WaveLan card and Linux (or DOS) for a specific purpose?

Joe joe.hovel at -NOSPAM-bigpind.com
Sat Jun 16 01:14:09 EST 2007

I'm looking for someone to help me set up a linux (or DOS) installation on 
an old (486) NEC laptop.
I have converted the old laptop into a "digital picture frame" and it's been 
running Win95B for the last few years quietly hanging on my wall, connected 
with a Lucent WaveLan card to the 'net via my wireless home LAN. I't been 
displaying a remote camera image in a web page in full-screen mode which 
gets updated every 60 minutes. So the picture it displays (of my home city 
Cologne in Germany) is almost real-time. All this runs off a harddisk which 
gets parked and powered down after 30 seconds of inactivity (so the whole 
thing is pretty quiet and uses little power).
I want to change this over to run off a compact flash card connected via a 
CF to IDE adapter connected instead of the harddisk.
So far I have the laptop booting off the CF, running MS DOS and running a 
slideshow of JPG files. So far so good.
I believe I could figure out how to set it up to connect to my wireless LAN 
using the DOS drivers for the WaveLan card and the MS Client for DOS off the 
NT4 server CD (which I have) and get the TCP/IP stack up and running. But I 
believe this stack isn't compatible with DOS web browsers like Arachne.... I 
might still try....

However, I believe this is a great opportunity for me to learn a bit about 
Linux. But for this I need help.
I imagine that there are Linux dirvers for the Lucent wireless cards, that I 
could get Linux installed on the 1GB CF card I got to boot from (maybe even 
fit the whole thing onto a 128MB or less CF card?) and run a command line 
browser like Linx to display the webpage which showns the JPG file' URL. 
Maybe this requires a graphic UI in Linux? I have no idea.
The NEC laptop is a 486SL50 with 20 MB or RAM.

How should I proceed and what do I need?

Joe Hovel
(near Bendigo) 

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