[MLB-WIRELESS] Milano apartments node

Jarrod Neven jarrod at neven.info
Mon Jun 11 09:35:07 EST 2007


I have been in conversation with the PDG corporation who manages the
Maliano apartment complex discussing setting up a node on the roof. This
site has a clear line of sign over 99% of Melbourne.

The company I work for rents a lot of space from PDG corp so I have been
able to speak to the CEO directly. Things looked promising for a while
until Telstra decided that they want most of the roof space for a
microwave data link (?).  As they are a paying customer (which we are not)
we dont have a chance any more :(

I inspected the PDG building as an alternative, but it is surrounded by
higher buildings and has a limited view across Melbourne.

PDG corp also owns the Qantas building in the city.  It also has limited
line of sight and there is little to no roof space available.

Sorry guys, looks like this one is not going to go any where.

Jarrod Neven.
Node JNX

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