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I suppose there's no reason you couldn't have a computer establishing 
the dial-up connection, and have it share that over Ethernet, which then 
connects to your wireless set up.

I know Netgear used to have a 56K dial-up wired Ethernet router, so it 
should be possible with some form of embedded hardware if a PC isn't 

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Andrew Mahar wrote:
> G'day,
> I am hoping that someone may be able to provide me with some advice.  I 
> am doing some work in East Timor and am interested in establishing a 
> wireless network in the second largest town, a place called Baucau.  The 
> issue is that the only internet they have available is dial up.  Is it 
> possible to establish a wireless network using dial up as the connection 
> to the internet?
> Any advise on how to go about doing this would be appreciated. 
> Best wishes
> andrew
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