[MLB-WIRELESS] Leasing of towers

wridg_weinbergs at westnet.com.au wridg_weinbergs at westnet.com.au
Tue Feb 6 22:26:49 EST 2007

All this talk about hosting/datacenters etc has made me think.

Has anyone got experiance in leasing a tower for commercial/wireless
I have the requirement to get 10Mb+ of data between Ringwood and
Ferntree Gully (not line of site to GHO.. I checked - but both can
see the south mountain - thats in the way of GHO from Ferntree Gully).
I'd want to pump LOTS of data up and down every day (about 50-100Mb
every 15 minutes).

I have my security under control - just no bandwidth to do it
(Telstra is talking about fiber/frame relay/atm; uuecomm are talking
about HCF; optus... well...) ADSL2+ won't cut the mustard (1Mb
download means 2x ADSL2 = 1Mb total bandwidth = not enough)

I am *trying* to do a 24Dbi dish-dish connection.. "Radio Mobile"
shows that it should be NLOS 8.5Km - but I won't know until I suck
and see, failing that, there are a few towers around..

How does one approach a tower.. how much does it cost.. is there
someone in the area willing to "lease" space etc.. is there someone
who has done this?

Anyone got experiance in this field?

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