[MLB-WIRELESS] slightly off topic - setting up the home network...

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Sat Feb 3 22:35:24 EST 2007

Hi Paul,

> I'm looking at networking the house... finally.  this will eventuallly
> lead to great things (TM) such as another active node...
> I'm a little stunned at the cost of network components - I figured
> someone here could help.

they are primarily for the business world that gets to claim
back the tax and don't care about the real cost...

> anyone have a handle on where to get this sort of gear
> cheap/free/secondhand?

the plates you can use again, RJ45 connectors and things
you will find fairly high failure rates.
do you have any local building recyclers?
take a multimeter and test them before you buy second hand ones.

> the enclosure is going to be "fun" (= the most expensive and difficult
> to find)...

find yourself an electrical wholesaler.
they should have a large range of weatherproof boxes.
buy bigger than you need. think heat ...

> needs to pretty on the outside - preferably paintable and/or with a
> dark window - otherwise I will not have permission to install it...
> :-) I've seen some nice medium sized units that sit in the wall cavity
> and are flush with the wall, lockable and ABS (not metal). I'm
> probably looking for something like the clipsal 3105ABEN
> (http://www.clipsal.com.au/trade/products/Clipsal_StarServe/StarServe_Enclosures)
> - or there abouts.

clipsal is overpriced =(

if you are setting up something for indoors, and not mains power,
build it out of MDS and paint it to match. heaps cheaper and you
get what you want.

bunning do a range of metal brackets that have two rolls of holes
in them, you can use these to cable tie you cable to.

i grabbed some weatherproof boxes for the roof, made by Luca,
they are italian, built solid, cheaper and have a good seal on them ...

> stupid question #1: is ABS wifi transparent? Hell, I should know this,
> PhD in polymers, but I don't - I intend to stick a portable antenna
> out the side if not...

drill an N-Type sized hole, bolt in a bulkhead style N-Type connector
to attach your antenna cable too...

> other things I'd like -
> power over ethernet to a AP in the roof.

make up a prototype, grab a role of Cat5, crimp up the orange and green
pair to an RJ45 on each end, then run the brown and blue pairs to the
power connectors to match your AP and its power supply.
that'll get you started and you can get something a little more
permanent up after testing...

> I think I need an 8 port data patch

why? just get a 6 port wall plate and a stand off box to put
behind it... the patch rails are way to much and the wall plates
are easy to mod if you need too =)

> the phone panel has to have a single line in for the adsl and
> independant output to atleast 2 points in the house.

use Cat5 and RJ45s every where, then you can keep all the wiring
sane and terminate it all in one place and patch it in one place.

do you have a 'data cupboard' somewhere central?
is this going to be your recessed in the wall cabinet?
maybe you could use a kitchen cupbaord style door?



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