[MLB-WIRELESS] HD cloning.

Andrew Leech a_leech at swin.edu.au
Wed Aug 29 14:48:20 EST 2007

Check out mondo/mindi (http://www.mondorescue.org/) it's a open source 
backup solution that will backup to an bootable iso, burn it onto 
cd/dvd, then you can boot off said cd/dvd to reinstall.


Kim Hawtin wrote:
> Tyson Clugg wrote:
>> I suggest you use GNU Parted.
> we use dump/restore to rebuild machines from bare metal,
> might pay to boot from a knoppix like recovery disk...
> although you still have to partition up for a file system the same size
> on the new disk, its saved lots of data over the years.
> you can dump from one disk, directly to the new disk.
> then all you'll have to do is fixor your boot loader =)
> cheers,
> Kim

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