[MLB-WIRELESS] Amusing high-power wifi story

Mark Aitken nodegxt at yahoo.com.au
Tue Aug 14 15:44:32 EST 2007

Tony Langdon, VK3JED wrote:
> At 12:54 PM 8/14/2007, Zik Saleeba wrote:
>> This story appeared on the OzAPRS (ham radio) list today and I thought
>> it might interest you guys.
> Was a giggle, though it also shows that it's a good thing for all 
> parties to play nice. :-)  The issue of interference is one reason 
> I'm hesitant to run much more than wifi power levels in any mode on 
> 2.4 GHz (e.g. if I get ATV up and running on 2.4 GHz).  Yes, I know I 
> can, legally, but it's not conducive to good karma to do so. ;) As 
> far as wifi goes, it's much easier to just run within the class 
> licence.  More nodes to talk to and one doesn't have to care too much 
> about who's allowed to associate with your node (beyond any security 
> and other routine parameters).
> 73 de VK3JED
> http://vkradio.com
> _
I dont agree tony,  although I would not want to willing interfere with 
others,  I have a studied for and payed for
entitlement to utilize certain portions of the spectrum.  ATV would only 
need to be around 15MHz at the bottom
of the band so wifiers who may suffer any non intentional interference 
could change freq,  as is there option, where
as,  I as a 2.4GHz ATVer have limited options as to band planning for 
said mode.

To highlight and example,  LIPD,  dont they cause us havoc on 70cm,  yet 
they are entitled to utilize these devices and
we must suffer interference from them,  thank god for CTCSS!!

Now what would be good to see,  would be transverters for WiFi Hams that 
could take the 2.4GHz wifi and upconvert
it to the 9cm, 6cm, 3cm and/or 1.25cm bands with un-restricted power 
output,  mmmhhhh hhhmmmm.  :>)

But that is off topic.



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