[MLB-WIRELESS] A question on associating?

Kim Hawtin kim.hawtin at adelaide.edu.au
Fri Aug 10 14:22:50 EST 2007

Hi Mark,

Mark Aitken wrote:
> Kim Hawtin wrote:
>> To the point where its better to run two APs on the same channel, one
>> on B and one on G...
> I dont have that luxury.  I am installing  Cisco AIR-LAP1242AG Access
> points,  a combined A/B/G model.

Is this the little white/light cream ones with the coloured ring in the
middle than changes colour when new clients associate? (and have 48V POE?)

> I wish to understand, the question I asked, so as to determine if the
> 5.8GHz (A mode) section of the AP,  when
> used in a point to point method (Bridge) will not suffer from
> congestion.  If 2.4GHz clients all connect at 54M
> then yes the bridge would suffer,  however,  if the B/G section is
> controlled by the lowest connection speed in
> the system of clients,  then the 5.8Ghz section should not suffer
> congestion as bad. It is expected that 20 - 30 clients at one time could
> be connected.

if its the same model as ours, they will happily connect 20-30 clients
simultaneously. i have no experience with these units on A/5.8GHz tho.


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