[MLB-WIRELESS] A question on associating?

Tony Langdon, VK3JED vk3jed at optushome.com.au
Wed Aug 8 16:06:23 EST 2007

At 03:10 PM 8/8/2007, you wrote:
>Hi People,
>In a situation where multiple nodes connect to a single AP where they
>associate at different speeds,  does the AP revert to the lowest common
>speed of the entire connected stations or can the 802.11a/b/g protocol
>handle multiple simultaneous associations of different speeds?
>Can someone point me to documentation relating to this?

I can't be sure, but one thing I can see straight away (remember 
there's only one transmitter) is that if there is a node running at 
1Mbps, it's going to hog more air time, because it takes MUCH longer 
to send data to it, and the AP can only service one node at a time 
(as it has one Tx).  And the end result is throughput for everyone is 
going to go down the tube...  The question you're asking would lead 
to the answer of "by how much?" ;)

73 de VK3JED

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