[MLB-WIRELESS] Internet proxy sharing

Jarrod Neven jarrod at neven.info
Wed Aug 8 15:22:24 EST 2007

If anyone is interested here are the results.

squidguard, does not handle quota either.
NoCat, is for captive portals and has no quota management
NetDog, filters web content
Cacti, looks amazing, but even its plugs in wont help

Jason the kernel information you found is great! It has provided more
information then what I have been able to find so far. Your link has put
me in the right direction, enabling me to find everything below.  A big

I have found a great doco that explains how to get the quota data into a

This link explains how to track usage with the use of smoothwall

Traffic control with the use of Squid, looks like the go!

Network Traffic Accounting and Monitoring software, a good second option

Thanks for everyone’s comments and suggestions :)

Jarrod Neven.

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