[MLB-WIRELESS] seeing connected nodes

Tom Fifield gummay at gummay.net
Mon Aug 6 15:09:43 EST 2007

I introduced the Google maps as a stop-gap measure because mapserver is 
dead - it's better than no maps at all.

Your notion of accuracy is a little amusing - the google maps use a 
different coordinate system to the node details, so nodes could be 
hundreds of meters off.

Links will come simply when some get around to it ... quite busy I'm 
afraid. Very much planned to bring some sort of link-mapping back.


Tom Fifield
MW WebDev Team

Jarrod Neven wrote:
> I am not sure if this has already been discussed, I may have missed the
> topic so please slap me if this is the case.
> The introduction of Google maps is great, now we have accurate street maps
> mixed with a satellite images (great work guys!).
> But this seems to have come at a cost of losing the visual linking of the
> nodes.  The node map no longer shows a line for the connected nodes. I
> have always loved seeing those little lines and think they added a lot of
> value.
> Are there any plans for bring this back?  I assume there are technical
> limitations.
> Jarrod.

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