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Tyson Clugg tclugg at umd.com.au
Fri Apr 20 09:52:23 EST 2007

Dan Flett wrote:
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> * How should we announce the meetings?  We are going to start sending out an
> automatic monthly reminder email to all registered site users (that haven't
> opted out), to give notice of meetings.  Should we send this email a month,
> a week, a day before?  Currently we've been averaging a mailing-list-only
> announcement a week before, and a mass email on the morning of the meeting.
As early as possible would be best (2 weeks prior?), with last minute 
reminders being sent the day before.
> * Anything else we should be or not be doing at our meetings/events?
Letting people get in touch with people in their own area.  Some good 
things to promote this include:

    * Having members from each regional group speak about happenings in
      their area to the entire meeting, making sure that when a name is
      mentioned that person is identified if at the meeting.  This is
      also allows us to congratulate members who have worked hard for
      the group.
    * Have members from each region gather together at a set time during
      the evening, to discuss what they are going to do in the coming
      month.  New members can be introduced to the region at this time,
      having heard them speak already (see previous point).  Perhaps
      some resources need to be put into these regional group
          o Something to draw/write on, especially a map showing node
          o Pencil + pad to write down contact details of older members
            for the new members to take with them.  Also for the new
            members to take notes on interesting things they have seen.
          o A laptop with access to the node database, to help new
            members enter their nodes correctly.  It is currently
            possible for website admins to login and edit other peoples
            nodes, this might be useful.

Check the following for some other general hints on running Linux user 
groups, the information should be largely applicable:

    * Recipe for a Successful Linux User Group
    * Linux User Group HOWTO <http://tldp.org/HOWTO/User-Group-HOWTO.html>

> The next meeting / info night is on Friday 11th May, 7pm, Hawthorn Scout
> Hall
2nd Friday of the month, as always... right?

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