[MLB-WIRELESS] WL-HDD going cheap

mike campion mikecamp at optusnet.com.au
Fri Jun 16 23:59:07 EST 2006

I have flashed a few of these with no problems using the procedure on the 
openwrt site http://wiki.openwrt.org/OpenWrtDocs/Hardware/Asus/Flashing , 
ensure you are directly connected to the wl-hdd and not through a switch and 
also use the TFTP with control commands method.

I have also found that if you take too long to issue the tftp command the 
transfer will not work and you have to start from scratch.


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> OK, so I got a couple of these but am having trouble flashing them with
> OpenWrt.
> I checked the instructions on the web site and have tried doing the
> following:
> use xxx4mb.trx file
> set it in recovery mode by holding the reset button while powering on
> I can ping it at  but when I start the tftp transfer it
> dosen't respond.
> At the last meeting Ratbaggy mentioned something about using the right
> network switch speed but I can't remember what he said.
> Regardless of what I plug this thing into only the 10x light comes on
> the RJ45 the 100x flashes a couple of times while it is booting but
> It won't negotiate to the higher speed ( well according to the lights
> on the back )
> any tips or pointers?
> On May 30, 2006, at 7:00 PM, Dan Flett wrote:
>> Hi Guys,
>> I discovered the WL-HDD has had a drop in price recently.  There are
>> $69
>> here:
>> http://www.computeralliance.com.au/parts.aspx?qryPart=4698
>> They have a standard Broadcom radio, integrated, which isn't great.
>> But at
>> $69 you can't complain.  They are confirmed to run OpenWRT, they have
>> 4MB
>> Flash and 16MB RAM, and they are physically slightly smaller than a VHS
>> tape.  If you've got a spare 2.5 inch HDD lying around then all of a
>> sudden
>> you've got heaps of storage space.  And it has USB too.
>> Now to find a suitably-sized outdoor enclosure! :)
>> Does the drop in price mean that EoL is coming?
>> Also, this place sells cheap 9dB indoor antennas:
>> http://stores.ebay.com.au/confero24-com-Wireless-Shop
>> I've had one of these on Ratbaggy's return-loss analyser and it came
>> up with
>> very good figures - so in this case cheap doen't mean nasty.
>> So add one of these antennas to the WL-HDD, stick them both inside a
>> waterproof enclosure and you might be able to make yourself a
>> reasonable
>> outdoor AP/Router for less than $150.
>> Cheers,
>> Dan
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