[MLB-WIRELESS] OT: Mobile Phone Scam

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I'd sue there arse.
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>I have received a couple in Mid May.
> Tony, you are right. When you ring back to are given a number to call to 
> claim a prize. Problem is this number is a $x per minute number and they 
> get you on the line for ages a rack up a huge bill.
> I too do not ring back missed calls unless I know the number. They can 
> leave a message or call back. Calling back missed calls usually finds them 
> to be wrong number anyway. A waste of time and your money.
> An article about it is in The Age,
> http://www.theage.com.au/news/technology/monkeys-wage-war-on-call-scam/2006/06/16/1149964711955.html
> Michael
>> Tony Langdon (ATC) <tlangdon at atctraining.com.au> wrote:
>> > hiyall, this is quite off topic but I just got this warning
>> > and wanted to pass it on. This is a real scam, I've had the
>> > call in question (read
>> > below) and not called back, luckily.
>> I got one also (from a different number in the list), and same thing -
>> if
>> they really wanted to get in touch with me, they'd have left a message
>> on
>> voicemail... ;)  If not, they get ignored unless I know the number...
>> My understanding of the scam was that you didn't get slugged the $50
>> until
>> you rang the second number (after being informed of the so called
>> "win").
>> but I could be wrong...
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