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Hmmm, this is becoming more and more of a problem.

On this note, does anyone know what the 5.8GHz range is like noise wise?
Also, the restrictions as to what you can/can't do in the 5.8 spectrum (I
seem to remember there are different power limits, and different again for
indoors vs outdoors)?

I have accidently become a distributor for some fairly interesting new WiMax
gear that operates at 5.8Ghz that I should be able to get in comparitively

Some initial details:

Standard:		802.16 - 2004PMP
Frequency Bands:	5.725 - 5.850Ghz
Max Tx Power:	23dBm
Receive Sense:	Better than -90dBm at BPSK1/2
			Better than -72dBm at 64QAM
Claimed range:	3.2km NLOS, 40km LOS

This could be useful in the 5.8Ghz range (at least for a while) particularly
for Melbwireless backbone links. Any further info/knowledge the use of this
kind of gear in Australia (we're getting planning on getting it fully
complied - it's from an overseas manufacturer) would be interesting.



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> I put a grid up on HVC today and scanned around for node and 
> the only one I found was FUU.  I did see a bunch of "Telstra 
> CBD" that was all reading 100 out of 100 for signal strength 
> in just about any location I looked.  That network is getting 
> worse and worse.
> The Grid is Horizontal and points due east towards the 
> northern radio tower at Mt D.
> I've got that hooked to a minitar in AP mode (and not 
> connected to anything else).  If any one can see it, let me 
> know and I'll work on a more stable link.
> -tim
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