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Thought someone from the MW crew would like to follow-up on this lead...



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ISP-AUSTRALIA Digest for Tuesday, July 04, 2006.

1. Programmer position available


Subject: Programmer position available
From: Kevin Littlejohn <darius at obsidian.com.au>
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 14:59:49 +1000
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Obsidian Consulting Group is looking for a new programmer.  We're
looking for someone with some experience in OO-style languages - we
code primarily in python, but Java/Ruby/similar experience will
suffice (so long as you're willing to learn python).  This is a mid-
to-senior role, responsible for design and development as part of a

The immediate work involves building a database system with web front
end for reporting for a fairly specific set of data.  You'd be
working in python, using Zope and MySQL, and working with XML - so
we're fully buzzword-compliant.

The job is for people able to work from our Coburg, Melbourne office
- we're not considering teleworkers at this time.  We offer a very
friendly environment with relaxed hours (10am - 6pm), a good team of
people to work with, and a variety of interesting projects to get
involved in besides the immediate required work.  We're almost
exclusively an Open Source environment.

Interested parties please forward resumes in text or an open document
format to jobs at obsidian.com.au




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