[MLB-WIRELESS] OLSR Experiment Update

Dan Flett conhoolio at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 6 14:45:44 EST 2006

Hi all,

Those running OSPF will notice two gateway routes in their routing tables:

These are being injected as static routes into OSPF by Quagga on Node GHO.
They effectively represent any IP address on the Melbourne Wireless network
that isn't running OSPF.  Nodes running OLSR only fall into this category.
;)  At the moment, the static routes aren't really needed because we don't
have any OLSR-only nodes yet, and I would encourage anyone wanting to
experiment with OLSR to keep running OSPF alongside it.  But these routes
make it easier for someone who wants to experiment with OLSR to do so,
whilst still being able to reach other non-OLSR nodes on the network.

Also, the OLSR HTTPinfo plugin is working nicely and displaying it's OLSR
You can view the OLSR HTTPInfo pages for the following nodes:


If you refresh the pages regularly when looking at the route tables, you can
see how OLSR regularly updates the ETX Metric and the Link Quality.  This is
a measure of packet-loss on any given link, and it is used to prioritise

I have provided a bit more clarification as to how OLSR-style IP netmasking
works, and posted the Quagga ospfd.conf config file on Node GHO on the OLSR
Experiment page:




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