[MLB-WIRELESS] Your AUP, Internet Sharing and FON

David Ashburner d_ashburner at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 27 22:59:19 EST 2006

> The big news in the wide world of WiFi Blogging is FON.  It is a 
> Spain-based
> company that has just received a large amount of funding from Google.  
> It
> aims to make money through a grassroots network of WRT54G routers 
> flashed
> with the FON firmware.  The idea is that people buy a router flashed 
> with
> FON's firmware that they connect to their internet connection.  The 
> router
> shares the FON member's Internet feed over a mesh network.  Being a FON
> member allows you to use other FON member's Internet feeds.  If you 
> don't
> share your own Internet feed, you can still use other FON-shared 
> Internet
> feeds for a fee.
I came across this a few weeks ago, sounded interesting but... The 
concept is simple but they have so much marketing spin  it's difficult 
understand what they have actually done - sold routers to people for 
half price on the understanding they will plug them in
to their broadband connection and turn them on.

> I'm now wondering how long it will be before FON makes an attempt at
> launching in Australia.  Like the idea or not, I believe that FON will
> attempt a launch here sooner or later.  If my interpretation is 
> correct, and
> Bigpond and does allow public sharing of it's Internet service, the 
> only
> possible hurdle for something like FON is regulatory.
My read on this is if and when they try to open up here the ISP's will 
join ranks and change their AUP to exclude it. Aus is a bit of a telco
backwater that already has more restrictive use & higher prices than 
other markets so why would they open it up?

My work  ISP (USA - Speakeasy) has signed up to allow FON but they have 
already been open for a long time being based in Seattle.

The concept is very neat - I think quite in line with what MW members 
are informally offering each other anyway really.

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