[MLB-WIRELESS] Old SparcStation 4?

Mark Aitken nodegxt at yahoo.com.au
Tue Feb 14 14:38:12 EST 2006

Hi there,
  I have a habit of obtaining old computers. Basically when no one else wants then  :>)
  This time I have aquired a Sparc Workstation.  It is still at work and before I drag the computer and "bloody" heavy monitor, does anyone know of a use for this? should I just forget it? It has Solaris Unix on it but I cant get access to it, the login and password is long since lost in time, not even the IT people here at work remember it.  I would like to put something like SPLACK (Sparc Slackware) but cant get the external scsi cdrom to be reconised.  I keep getting "cant boot device" when telling it to "boot cdrom" from the openboot "bios" OK> prompt.
  Any info regarding this piece of history would be greatly appreciated.
  Naturally, any computer on my network is connected to the wireless nodes I have so it's all related to wireless just before the flamers shoot me down for being OT.  :>)

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