[MLB-WIRELESS] Second National Summit for Community Wireless Networks (in the US)

Steven Haigh netwiz at crc.id.au
Sun Feb 12 12:35:48 EST 2006

If you happen to be in the US in the near future (heh), this may interest

The Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network (CUWiN), Mid-Rivers Community
Wireless Network, and Free Press invite you to join us for a Community Wireless
Networking Summit, March 31-April 2, 2006 in St. Charles, MO (right outside St.
Louis).  "Imagine & Implement: The 2006 National Summit for Community Wireless
Networks" will focus on grassroots action; impacting national regulations and
policies; and building the coalition of community groups, researchers, policy
leaders, decision-makers, and activists working to create better broadband
services and telecommunications infrastructures.

With Network Neutrality under attack and broadband service continuing to
stagnate, it's time we organized to take the public airwaves back from corporate
interests and put the public interest back in the spotlight.  Community Wireless
Networks are often owned by the communities that deploy them and offer better
services for cheaper prices than traditional ISPs.  Anyone interested in making
the "public interest" the number one priority in broadband service provision
should definitely attend this summit.

Community Wireless developers from across North America will be demonstrating
cutting-edge technologies; researchers and programmers will discuss recent
breakthroughs and developments; and policy-makers and funders will strategize
with participants on the new initiatives being launched and how we can make an
impact in DC.

More summit information is available online at:


Register online at:


Have questions or want to present?  Send us an e-mail at:

cu-wireless-summit at cuwireless.net

See you in St. Charles,

--Sascha Meinrath
Summit Director

Sascha Meinrath
Policy Analyst    *  Project Coordinator  *  President
Free Press       *** CUWiN               *** Acorn Active Media
www.freepress.net *  www.cuwireless.net   *  www.acornactivemedia.com

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