[MLB-WIRELESS] Thoughts of the last meeting?

Dan Flett conhoolio at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 11 23:04:48 EST 2006

I jotted my thoughts down after the meeting last night.  I've summarised
them here:

The general feeling I got about the meeting was that it was a pretty
positive, happy affair.  It didn't go exactly to plan, but I thought that
the structure meant that there we few boring moments.  Of course, I'm a bit
biased in my perceptions. :)  I'd like to hear the point of view of other

I'm especially interested in hearing ideas for workshops or presentations.
Or any other sort of activities that people would like.

What do people want from the General Meetings?



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> Hi all,
> I'm just after getting peoples thoughts no the new format for 
> the monthly meetings. What did you like? Dislike? What was 
> done well? What needs improvement?
> I'd like to hear your thoughts.
> --
> Steven Haigh
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