[MLB-WIRELESS] Proposal: MWRP at Scouts Jamboree

Tom Fifield gummay at gummay.net
Wed Feb 8 14:29:52 EST 2006

I've marked Bendigo on the map too, for anyone that wants to look at
making a link.


I recall there was a Bendigo Wireless Group at one stage - the website
is dead now, but does anyone have contacts left over?


Tony Langdon (ATC) wrote:
>>Damn, this looks to be out in the middle of nowhere! Is there 
>>anywhere within 100km or so that would have decent internet 
>>connectivity? The closest node seems to be 99km away - which 
>>is damn sure not to happen.
> As for connectivity, ADSL may be available in Elmore itself, otherwise
> Bendigo (40-50km) will certainly have ADSL and possibly Neighbourhood Cable.
> The trick being to find a local with broadband...
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