[MLB-WIRELESS] The Automagic Firmware Builder

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> It might be worth checking what (if any) MIME type the 
> firmware that is created is labelled with when you click on 
> the download button.  My system here (Linux running KDE) 
> grabs the file and opens it in an editor which only usually 
> happens if it's labelled text/plain.
> I'd suggest explicitly labelling it as 
> application/octet-stream, it should provoke a more sensible 
> response from browsers.  Sending the file size as well would 
> allow the browser to show a progress bar as well.

Hmm, interesting.  The original version of the Freifunk Firmware web-based
firmware builder ("ff.cgi") did explicitly state "Content-type:
application/octet-stream" as the header, and then labelled the bin file
download as "Content-Disposition: attachment".  If found that this didn't
work for me in either IE or Firefox.  One of the first things I did when I
started to revamp ff.cgi in preparation for the MW firmware builder was to
remove the octet-stream header - ff.cgi worked just fine after that for me.
I think Sven-Ola Tuecke (the Freifunk Firmware lead developer) works under
Linux mainly so originally it would have worked for him.  Some more
cross-platform testing is needed, obviously.  And as Tom said, the PHP
version may handle this better.



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