[MLB-WIRELESS] OT: FC3 & Dual monitors??

Mark Aitken nodegxt at yahoo.com.au
Tue Dec 12 18:22:22 EST 2006

Sorry for the OT post....

Today I tried to set up my PC with 2 video cards and 2 monitors...

1 x 17" LCD monitor
1 x 17" CRT monitor

1 x RIVA TNT2 32Meg PCI Video Card
1 x RIVA TNT2 32Meg AGP Video Card

Fedora Core 3 OS

I could get either card and monitor working individually but not together.
Motherboard BIOS allows for a "boot VGA from AGP or PCI" as the only 

Kudzu detected the PCI video card correctly and installed it.  I played 
with the DISPLAY
program trying various Resolutions and colour depth and the "dual head" 
options available.

Anyone got some tips on setting this up?




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