[MLB-WIRELESS] atheros minipci (cm9) card under diamond data r100 (broadcom bcm94710)

samiam at air-stream.org samiam at air-stream.org
Mon Dec 4 18:06:18 EST 2006

Hey Guys

Ive been having issues with a r100 and a cm9 card

I cant seem to see the card under a lspci command suggesting the card may
be dead. But I dont have a cradle to test the card under a different host

does anybody have the magic recipe to get this card to post under this

I saw soem vague links about ozonet rc2 firmware and a custom kmod-madwifi
on the melbourne wifi site

but I dont have time to explore random combinations

I downloaded the source and built my own kamikaze firmware and kudos to
those guys for a sweet build system.

But alas my card still didnt post.

It suggests one of two things
1)my minipci card is dead (bought new grrr)
2)my pci drivers arent seeing the card

hopefully someone can help me out with the former


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