[MLB-WIRELESS] GPS and GSM transciever

Rowan 2006 rowan2006 at sensation.net.au
Mon Dec 4 14:58:04 EST 2006

On Mon, 4 Dec 2006, Red_Wolf_2 wrote:

> Well, it looks like transcom is going to be no help in regards to the
> VTS3000X, they seem to want about $750 for software to even program
> the thing, and mention that it will only work with their gateway
> package known as the NC3000. They also mention that the onboard
> software is proprietary and can not be easily modified (anyone want to
> try hacking this?)
> They also offered to buy back the unit for $50, which in my opinion is
> a bit of a take, even though the dealsdirect package came with another
> gps unit anyway...

Did you call or email Transcom? I've had no response to my quick and
polite email, and I didn't want to call them (yet) in case 50 other people
had also been doing the same...

I know that some people think that we should "guessed" by the price that
we were buying a clearance product without software, support or warranty
(apart from being DOA) but if you look at the dealsdirect website just
about everything else they sell is fully functional - they are NOT an
electronics junk shop! I'm not really too happy about this and I will be
expressing my concern about the lack of disclosure to them. I'm just glad
I decided to hold off buying a second unit.

I wonder how much the GPS and GSM modules are worth individually? Could
see some appearing on ebay soon. LOL


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