[MLB-WIRELESS] GPS and GSM transciever

David Ashburner d_ashburner at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 2 08:03:48 EST 2006

Why would you expect to be getting any more than a bunch of parts for 

It's obvious Deals Direct picked it up as junk from a failed project 
and are flogging it for what
they think they can get. I don't think they misrepresented what they 
were selling. You got $400 worth
of parts for $100. Cavet Emptor.

Have any of you opened the box? I suspect that inside you will find a 
perfectly good GPS module
with a serial interface and likewise the GSM data modem. The board that 
ties them together is probably a
custom configuration for the project that the units were delivered to.

Chuck it away and use the parts :)

>> I agree in terms of dealsdirect not disclosing that they require
>> specific software for programming and the like, although I certainly
>> won't be returning it, this unit could have a high range of hackable
>> applications :P
>>> I'm a little disappointed with my purchase, I thought I was getting a
>>> working GPS tracking box, not a bunch of parts preconfigured for
>>> Telstra... dealsdirect should have disclosed that it requires 
>>> software
>>> that they do not supply.

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