[MLB-WIRELESS] GPS and GSM transciever

Rowan 2006 rowan2006 at sensation.net.au
Fri Dec 1 17:49:42 EST 2006

On Fri, 1 Dec 2006, Red_Wolf_2 wrote:

> In reply to my own email.... :P
> after mucking around a bit with COM 2 on the unit, it seems you can
> get terminal data from it at 19200 baud (N-8-1 i think, but i get odd
> characters, so it might be wrong)

Did you use a suitable connector or have you hardwired to it?

What's the pinout, is it the same as on

I'm a little disappointed with my purchase, I thought I was getting a
working GPS tracking box, not a bunch of parts preconfigured for
Telstra... dealsdirect should have disclosed that it requires software
that they do not supply.


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