[MLB-WIRELESS] Mitsubishi R100

Horace Pinker horacepinker at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 28 16:04:49 EST 2006

One of my routers is slowly dying and I thought i would get myself something 
that will run openwrt ... I first looked  at getting a wrt45g(s) but they 
are as rare as hens teeth (the ones that run openwrt?) so than i thought of 
geting the  dealsdirect Mitsubishi R100, unfortunatly dealsdirect doesnt 
have the Mitsubishi R100 in stock :( ... I rang Mitsubishi to get some 
distributors in Melbourne and possibly spark a bulk buy...

Is this the way to go? does anyone know of any other good deals on gear 
around at the moment ?

Oh and yeah i still lurk, tho family has expaned once again and i dont 
actually know weather i am coming or going anymore hehe.

(aka) Horacepinker

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