[MLB-WIRELESS] Regional group mailing lists.

Steven Haigh netwiz at crc.id.au
Sat Aug 26 10:28:18 EST 2006

On 26/08/2006, at 10:19 AM, rick wrote:
> its only what i pushed for 3 years ago

This is not the type of comment I was looking for. Trolling does  
nobody any good. Seeing as you pushed so hard for the test case of  
the rgsouthern group to be done (which doesn't seem to have had any  
traffic since by the way), I'm trying to find out what better suits  

The lack of traffic in the test case seems to indicated either:

a) people are using alternate methods of communication within the group
b) have lists elsewhere (some of which are linked from the groups web  
c) Something else?

If people are already using a method to communicate within the  
groups, and are happy with using that, then I don't see a need to  
force change. If people want the lists to be moved in house, then  
this is also a possibility.

As it is obvious that the rgsouthern mailing list is not utilised, is  
something else being used? If so, why?

Steven Haigh

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